Committed to Unvarying Quality & Highest Safety

Friends Tubular Services Ltd. is fully-equipped to handle all your casing and tubing needs. Utilizing our extensive field experience, we provide our customers with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

What We Do

Casing Cleaning

We can handle it all if you need rig preparation, drifting, or protector removal/installation.

Laser Tally

Our professionals digitally record the length of joints, eliminating pipe tally errors.

Volant Casing Running Tools

We offer CRTi internal running tools for casing makeup, hoists, and circulation.

Hydraulic Power Tongs From 1.66in-13-⅜

We offer integral or conventional power tongs and are capable of up to 35,000-foot pounds.

Equipment Rentals

We offer casing running equipment rentals, and a variety of crossovers.

Computer Torque Monitoring

Our experts offer hydraulic or electronic detailed connection makeup graphs to ensure proper connection without any hiccups.

Thread Supervision and Inspection

We ensure connections have complied with manufacturer standards, and the thread profiles have been checked for connection damage.

Light Duty Hotshots

We can help you with 3 quarter-ton vehicles.