Computer Torque Monitoring

Our experts provide detailed connection makeup graphs for both hydraulic and electronic configurations, to ensure proper quality connection installation without any hiccups. 

MTT Graph

Computer analyzed torque monitoring (CATM)

Using both WinCatt and McCoy Global torque-turn monitoring systems, we make sure you get the most out of your casing and tubing connections.

Our knowledgeable torque-turn technicians catch any anomalies in your connections, ensuring a perfect string—every run. In addition to ensuring proper makeup, utilizing Computer Analyzed Torque Monitoring(CATM) can prevent damage to tubulars from over-torque, over-rotation, overly-high RPMs, and mis-alignment.

Take peace of mind knowing that each of your tubular connections has been graphed, recorded, and kept on file for the life of the well. In keeping with our commitment to going above and beyond, we also provide post-pad breakdowns--aggregating connection data for your entire project! Over the course of 2022-23, we executed two pad programs for our incredible clients with a fantastic 0.13% combined rejection rate. These two programs totalled 13,583 accepted connections, 12,623 of which were various premium casing connections!