Mobile Bucking Units

Whether replacing couplings, making or breaking pup joints, or pre-bucking BHA components, downhole tools, and cementing accessories–Friends Tubulars’ mobile bucking units can save time and reduce risk on your drill floor. These units are the perfect fit for our goal of total customer satisfaction, as operations can be conducted at the location of your choosing! By bringing the operation to you we create more integrated time savings, resulting in less NPT and increased cost savings for your operation.

Our bucking trailers can make any connection from 2 ⅜” to 21”, and up to 100,000ft-lbs to satisfy all your downhole needs, with available Computer Analyzed Torque Monitoring for premium shouldered connections or final torque documentation on API connections!

Bucking Unit

Safety and ease of use

With their virtually hands-free design, our mobile bucking units bring safety and ease of use to your breakout and makeup operations. By eliminating workers from the vicinity of rotating equipment with an additional lockout component, they intrinsically abide by the lifesaving rules of line of fire and energy isolation–keeping with our commitment to safety for both our team and our clients. These units make the task of installing and removing accessories a breeze!

Bucking Unit Shop
Bucking Yard